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Merry Monster
Podunk little cow town
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  • Puddlesheep
Peppermint Sheep: some kind of idiot.

☞Name: Merry (♀)
☞Age: Roarin' Twenties
☞Punctuation: yes please
☞Occupation: departmental aide @ the library, dog/house-sitter
☞Food: soufflés, candy, french fries, overcooked carrots, cream cheese rangoons
☞Hobbies: reading, complaining, Pokémon, artsy-fartsy crafty stuff, whining, writing, doodling, kvetching

1960s, alichino, animorphs, arts and crafts, automatons, avatar the last airbender, axis powers hetalia, ball joint dolls, big band, bjds, blank books, boba, bookcrossing, books, boston legal, brock samson, buffalo bill, building, california gold rush, caramelldansen, carnival, cato fong, cats, challenges, chobits, clamp, classic arts showcase, cooking, costume design, costumes, cowboys, cows, crayons, creating, david bowie, death note, design, dinosaurs, doing, dolls, dorama, dr girlfriend, drag queens, earrings, fairy tales, fiction, folklore, foreign films, franz ferdinand, franz liszt, fresh and easy, gackt, gamerz heaven, germany/italy, gohou drug, gojyo, graham chapman, hana kimi live action, hanazakari no kimitachi e, hayao miyazaki, hetalia, highwaymen, hippies, history, hot chocolate, inkheart trilogy, katekyo hitman reborn!, kimi wa petto, kuroshitsuji, legal drug, les contes d'hoffmann, letterboxing, logic, loveless, macs, magic, magnets, maki murakami, manga, marionettes, mark twain, markers, masks, mervyn peake, monty python, mozart, musical theatre, mythology, nesting dolls, new orleans, nodame cantabile live action, non-pareils, nonfiction, notebooks, offenbach, opera, orpheus in the underworld, oscar wilde, papageno, paper, paradise kiss, pbs, pens and pencils, pippi longstocking, prompts, psychedelic rock, puppets, puzzles, ranma 1/2, reading, reason, recipes, refrigerator poetry, rubber stamps, saiyuki, saiyuki gaiden, saiyuki reload, san francisco, sanzo, sculpey, sequins, sewing, sheep, shopping, silent films, stagecoach robberies, stagecraft, steampunk, subtitles, sunshine buddies, superlambananas, swing, tags, terry jones, teru mikami, the beatles, the monarch, the monkees, the muppets, the never-ending story, the venture brothers, trader joe's, truffles, violins, warren zevon, watercolors, weiß kreuz, wikipedia, wild west, yuu shirota