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Feb. 21st, 2010

Russia (kolkolkol)

Ice Dancing

I kind of look down my nose at ice dancing, but tonight was crazy!

There was a couple wearing... er, like, Finnish Hansel & Gretel outfits, they were ice dancing to crazy music, and so my mom and I concluded they must be Finnish. The outfits, the crazy music, the weird frolicking dance they did (instead of the sexy, moody stuff the other couples do)... it all just kind of said "CRAZY FINNS!" to us.

They were American. HA HAHAHA that was totally unexpected! I usually cheer for teams based on how much I like the costumes and music choice, so I picked this couple because they made me laugh so much. And then they were American, haha.

So here is my totally useless endorsement: Go Belbin & Agosto! Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

Feb. 13th, 2010

Latvia (why does this happen?)

Arg, I thought I would be immune!

I always joke that I'm immune to ebola and anthrax and a host of other hideously infectious diseases, but such is not the case! I'm coming down with something, and I hope it's Yellow Fever (improbable as it would be), because having "the flu" is so... pedestrian!

You know those little kids who have those plegmy, wet coughs that they spray all over the place? AARG I wanna just punch them in their disease-riddled little faces (with a hammer)!

In a less homicidal vein, I've fallen in love with Pandora.com. So in love, in fact, I actually subscribed to it! I might regret this in the morning, but considering I can create my own "station", and have heard Harry Belafonte, followed by Paul Simon, followed by Nat King Cole, followed by John Lennon, I can safely say that this is going to be AMAZING. Zero commercials (thank god, I was getting really sick of those Carl's Jr commercials), and unlimited playing of any kind of music I want! ♥

Pandora.com is making my library request list crazy-long; I hear a song I like, so I find album in the catalog and put a hold on it. Dave and Rafa are probably going to check in the shipments and think, "Wow, this is probably the most bizarre CD I've ever seen. It must be Merry's!". They know my style, now. If it's hopelessly dorky and unpopular, they know *I* checked it out. Even if I secretly hide the "Muppets Take Manhattan" DVD in the audio-visual bookdrop, Dave will pick it up, read the cover, and ask, "So, was it a good movie?". AAAAAARG!! I put it in there while you weren't looking! There were other DVDs! HOW DID HE KNOW?!

Edit from Sunday morning: I LOVE that Pandora lets me make my own channels and stuff, and the first Mountain Goats song they played is my favorite! I love that Pandora knows of the existences of the bands I like, but no one else has ever heard of. P! played The Frames, Regina Spektor, and plenty of stuff *I* haven't heard of, but have since fallen in love.

Jan. 21st, 2010

Matilda (smarty-pants)

The worst thing in the world

Worse than burnt toast, worse than the herp....


Ants came in the house today, because it was raining or they were just bored. They came in from a crack at the tile+moulding behind the washing machine, then marched boldly down the hallway, and all the way across the kitchen to the back door.

Mighty Merry, the Ant Destroyer jumped up and grabbed the vacuum cleaner to kill those filthy bugs, and the vacuum... The vacuum made a bad noise, and acrid white smoke began pouring out the vents from the motor.


So I grabbed the windex and sprayed every ant in sight from the back door to behind the washing machine! The vacuum is sitting in the garage as if it did something unspeakable (it did), and all the windows in the house are OPEN to try and get that burning vacuum smell out! Three cats are locked up, but Arthur Barthur is enjoying the views and the windows to himself.

After the windexing, I wiped up the ants with a half a roll of paper towels (sorry, Mother Earth, but if you want me to be green, you're going to have to keep your ants in your pants and not in my house), then went around with clear packing tape to grab up the bodies that hadn't adhered to my paper towels.

Arthur Barthur sat in the garage (because it was new, and I'd propped the door open to help alleviate the smoke stench), but was relieved when I made him go back in the house. It was like, "Okay, freedom, that's cool. Okay, that's too much freedom and I'm a little scared now. Pookie's telling me to go in the house now-- oh thank god! THAT WAS TOO MUCH FREEDOM!! Mrowr!"

Arrg, now I'm the shape a pretzel from crouching down to commit ant genocide in the kitchen and hallway. My little fingers are pretzel'd, too, and very cold, now. I think it's time to close the windows and turn on the heat. And possibly the sprinklers, to keep the neighbor children off the lawn.

Jan. 20th, 2010

Italy (Ve~!)

New layout!

FINALLY, you say. A new layout!!

This is Template #45: Dethrone the Dictaphone from thefulcrum! The banner is made up of strange elements found in a strange Dover-published book. Something like "build your own paper theater" for Victorian children. :)

It looks so good because I didn't even mess with the colors this time! XD

Also, my Dick Blick stuff came (teehee)! Yay! Now I can put my giant useless posters away! And dig in to my box of rubber blocks! :D

Jan. 15th, 2010

Latvia (why does this happen?)

why we need a health care reform

If you're not a full-time college student, you won't be covered by your parent's insurance.

Not everyone can be a full-time college student all the time. I haven't been a full-time student in 2 years because I can't afford to be at SFSU, and I can't get the major I want here in Bakersfield.

I had all four wisdom teeth removed in May (I can vaguely recall a loopy blog post about that), and was not billed, as I was sort of on two different dental insurances at the time.

I got a letter this afternoon from the dentist informing me that the insurance didn't cover a single blessed thing. I now owe the dentist $2,200 dollars. Why didn't the dentist tell me this sort of thing, oh, maybe five months ago when I could have maybe done something about it?

If you keep hearing shouts of "FUUUUUCK!", that's me. So is the anguished howling.

I kind of don't have that kind of money. I was planning on blowing my life's savings on a trip to Russia and/or Spain with Jessica this summer. Or, you know, college.

If anyone needs their car washed, or someone to smack around a bit... um, yeah. I'm on the lookout for a second part-time job now.

Don't mind me, I'll just be over here starting a drinking problem. How much does Vicodin go for? I still have some from that FUCKING EXPENSIVE (FUCK YOU, USELESS DENTAL CARE! WHY DID I PAY YOU $25 A MONTH IF YOU WERE GOING TO COVER ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?!) wisdom tooth removal. I've still got ~15 Vikes. I'll start the bidding at whatever you think is fair (because anything you give me will be more than I have).

Jan. 12th, 2010

Matilda (smarty-pants)

I am not dead yet

Not dead, just restin'.

(Oh man, I did not intend for that the turn into a Monty Python sketch. Sorry. Sorry.)

In other news, I'm heading to Russia at some point in May or June, or maybe even July.

Dec. 14th, 2009

Latvia (why does this happen?)

It's that time of year again!

Don't know what to get that special someone on your Christmas list this year? Sick of gift cards?


Merry the Cat Fairy has done it again! At no cost to you, she has procured a fine young feline specimen, ready just in time for your holiday cheer! This is a Grade "A" friendly and genuine kitten! If you live within four (4) hours of Bakersfield, Ca, Merry the Cat Fairy will deliver the kitten to you!!

Rescue a cat for the holidays! I'm sure it's good for karma. Run a red light last week? Do a "California" stop? Flip off a school crossing guard for making you wait for the last kid of the day? Cut someone off? Eat ice cream for breakfast? Well, taking in a stray kitten will negate all that and more!

This deal is such a fabulous deal, you won't have to pay $40. You won't even pay $20! No, MERRY THE CAT FAIRY WILL PAY YOU TO TAKE THIS KITTEN!

*Merry the Cat Fairy has not actually seen the cat, as once she sees it, she will name it. And once she names it, it's all over and the cat is hers whether or not the owner of the house allows such a thing

PLEASE GUYS, I CANNOT TAKE ANOTHER CAT, BUT I CANNOT LET IT STAY OUTSIDE, COLD, HUNGRY, SCARED, AND LONELY! Our neighbors have dogs that get out of their yard, people drive too fast on our street, it's raining lately, and it's pretty cold.

HAVE A HEART, TAKE A CAT. Tell all your friends and relatives and neighbors! PLEASE GUYS, don't make me cry myself to sleep every night.

Dec. 8th, 2009

Matilda (smarty-pants)


Add to yesterday's failtastic performance:
ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddggggggggeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!Collapse )

Ladies, and gents who wear ladies' clothing: how does the fashion industry fail you?

For Merry:
1. They never have my bra size
2. The pants are too long
3. The shirts are made for Union Ave hookers
4. The clothes are made for people much longer than I am
5. Orange
6. Hello Kitty shouldn't say inane shit on t-shirts
7. Inane shit on t-shirts
8. Magenta
9. Not enough patent leather
10. Aqua

Dec. 7th, 2009

Latvia (why does this happen?)

Today sucks


1. The garbage man was noisy at 6am today for over 25 minutes.

2. There was no warm breakfast for me to eat.

3. I didn't wear a warm enough jacket.

4. It was raining and people were driving badly.

5. I had to go to WinCo.

6. WinCo doesn't sell cotton candy anymore.

7. It was still raining, and it was windy.

8. The news is talking about "OMFG WINTER STORM WINTER STORM WINTER STORM" even though it's just raining a little bit.

9. The rain didn't clean my car very well; it is still dusty.

10. There was mold in the bottle of water I keep in my car.

11. My favorite Hetalia community is all but deleting itself.

12. Leftover lasagna for dinner.

;A; I'm just going to go to bed now. Wake me up when Christmas is over, pls.

Dec. 3rd, 2009

Russia (kolkolkol)

Any thoughts?

Anyone out there (mostly Carolyn) know if a Nintendo DSi is superior to the DS Lite?

Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver are coming out in, like, March, and I kind of need would like to buy one/other.

Just wondering if anyone has any opinions/insider knowledge. The guy at Target wasn't very helpful; he wanted to sell me a PSP instead. (I can't help it; I like cute things, and Nintendo makes cute things! Professor Layton, Pokemon, AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER holy crap, didn't even know they had a game for that!!)

...looking at this "DS Games list", I can already feel my paycheck dripping out of my wallet...

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