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Italy (Ve~!)


I love how quickly EMS gets my doll stuff from South Korea to my house, I truly do. This time, I forgot to even put the city I live in now on the address form, and my doll got to my house two days earlier than expected, anyway! (I did put the zip, but forgot city+state.)

The only problem was that my mom answered the door! She knew immediately that it was another doll! Danny knew immediately it was another doll! CRAAAAAAAAP! I was going to keep it secret! I was planning on getting some wigs+eyes+shoes in two weeks!

Since I don't have a job right now, my mom freaks out about my money even if I'm just paying for extra fries at Red's Dogs & Donuts (which I highly recommend, by the way); so spending $400+ on pretty little (naked, bald, and shoeless) dolls makes her pretty angry. (Never mind that I save up specifically for these dolls-- I don't buy other new and/or frivolous things, because I constantly think things like, "Oh, those shoes are cute... but I could put that $20 into my ~Buy Celeste~ fund!")

Here are her reasons for not liking my dolls:
- Dolls are for children
- They look like Holocaust victims (refer to naked, bald, shoeless)
- They're really damn expensive
- She doesn't understand my lifelong fascination+appreciation of dolls
- She thought they'd turn me into a fantastic seamstress, but it hasn't
- She thinks the names I give them are too bizarre
- She thinks the two boy dolls I have are "faggy"

I base the dolls off of the characters I've created for the things I write/draw (another disappointment! She doesn't understand why I spend so much time writing/drawing for things that will never be published; she doesn't get that I do it for just me.), so they've got names, families, histories, etc before I ever even order the doll.

I've still got my high school graduation gift iPod (it only has one tiny nick in the screen!), I keep my shoes and jeans until they die, I don't go to Starbucks ever, there are not any boba places around for me to drink my money away (just kidding! I found out that there's a coffee shop in Gaytown that serves boba!! Goodbye, Celeste.), and I'm pretty frugal otherwise! (I don't even know what "average" twenty-year-old wonders spend their money on.)

So yeah, I don't have a job right now (that damn Spirit Halloween Store didn't hire me. Boohoo.), but I'm not going to be unemployed forever! So my finances will dip a little. Whatever! It's just money; I'll make some more, or I'll be poverty-stricken and surrounded by little resin people. No problem. :)


If you get a job before me, I'm gonna be soooooo bummed. I'm just so damn picky.
Hahaha, me too! I *was* going to look into working for Hobby Lobby, until I found out that they are Hardcore Evangelical Christian all the time (that's why they're closed on Sundays). But since I'm the only person in the apartment to have actually applied for a job already, I probably have a little bit of slack time.

I will never work in food service, though. Seeing how angry people get with me when I worked at the library, I wouldn't want to have to deal with a customer who blows a gasket because the Burger Maker in the back put mayonnaise on the guy's sandwich when he asked for no mayo.
you need to start a flickr and take pictures of your dolls. I love those cute little things
I know, I know... 2 of them don't have wigs yet (and they're pretty weird looking when they're bald), and none of them have clothes!! They're all wearing little fabric scraps tied around their waists, lol.

At least they all have shoes! :)

I'm working on it, though! Next time we go to the storage place, I'm going to find my fabric, and bring it home, so I can make a muslin of some of my patterns, then go ahead and make the real thing.

I just can't justify buying wigs again this soon. I mean, I bought the doll this month, and then I bought wig+shoes from a different company (shipping is a bitch!!) this month, so... I'm going to have to wait a while before I can get wigs for the two little dolls.