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Matilda (smarty-pants)


Not being on FFRants every day has made me a better person.

Of course, I now spend my days on BJD websites, which is terribly unhealthy for my bank account, but it's made me a happier person. I do miss the fanfic, though. I suppose I'll just stop ranting about it, and reading other people's rants. So they used a semicolon incorrectly? It's not really worth it to scream on the internet. Besides, the only rant I really have is for a fandom I don't even read. :\


Hello dear. I was just wondering if you'd like a Dreamwidth code? I'm making my way away from LJ because all of the privacy bull they're getting themselves into and when I made my account, I got one for someone else. Let me know. :D
Ahahah, thanks, but no, it's okay. I'm too inept to keep one journal (let alone the two of them), so I don't think I need another blog on which to fail!