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Matilda (smarty-pants)


Wow, I haven't even gotten my act together to get that Nintendo DSlite and Pokemon Soul Silver... and they're coming out with Pokemon Black & White next spring!

Ohhh, Nintendo. As long as you make all 985298518971+ Pokemon catchable this time, I will buy everything.


I am so excited for pokemon black and white!

omg I watched a trailer where it does a 360-pan of one of the cities.
so beautiful

too bad I don't own any systems to play it on.
Squeeeeee~!!! I'm just going to work extra hours to pay for a DSlite or something.

You get one of the games, and I'll get the other! Then when Black doesn't have Mareeps and Jigglypuffs in the wild, I can catch some for you and trade them for the Krabbys and Treeckos that aren't in White (or whatever)!! :D
man I need to catch up. I haven't played since yellow and red.
Oh dear, lol. My favorite is the Crystal version (released with Gold&Silver), and they've just released HeartGold and SoulSilver, and I think that's... er, only the second generation?

I think this will be Generation FIVE. Perhaps you should spend a little time on Bulbapedia, or something. There's, like, 300 monsters you need to know about.
I do have a GBA though so ahem, if I could maybe borrow a game for that from someone..

I'd be willing to do a temporary trade with whatever games I have. Yellow, Red.. MARBLE MADNESS
I'm saving all my money to buy a DSliteXL so Eddie will buy me White when it comes out. excited. :D
DSliteXL?!! XL?!!?!? Ohhhhhh~! Tell me more!! :D

Not too fond of the colors it comes in... and tomorrow Nintendo is supposed to announce the 3-Dsi.... So the price will drop and they'll release more colors for the XL.
I hope it comes in green~! ♥

How exciting! I don't know whether to save my money for the new iPhone, or this!!